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Project Description

For more than twenty years I have been enjoying a family vacation in Bol, on island Brač where a wonderfull story of giving and sharing was born. By chance I began to teach children to swim – not in the swimming pool, but on the beach, in the open sea. It was pure magic at a time full of joy and new challenges. Twenty years of voluntary work! Whenever I had a chance, I took pictures of children’s efforts during swimming. Every day, after the swimming lessons I wrote childrens’ comments, thoughts and questions… and after 15 years it became a book.

In the book entitled Grancigula my love, I describe what it was like to communicate with children from many different countries, from 4 to 14 years of age, how to deal with their fears, failures and concerns and how to make them respect friendship and be friends for ever.

To lounch the book I prepared a very special event. I wrote a text and I selected music for the performance in which children played, sang and showed their parents, grand parents and friends what they were doing during the swimming lessons. It was a very demanding and responsible job beacuse children do not tolerate lies deceit or even compliments when they are adversely affected. This voluntary work was a completely new experience for me. It gave me a great deal of love and power for my whole life.

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